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Italian restaurant function room Sydney

Italian restaurant function room Sydney

Are you looking for a Italian restaurant with function room in Sydney?

The Italian cuisine is enriched with vibrant flavours and a plethora of culinary influences from around the world. Even as when know it, the Italian cuisine is imitated all over the globe, however, reflects the cultural variety of its regions and diverse history. In Italy, each area and province has its own proud specialties, primarily at a regional level. The seasonal freshness and distinct seasonal produce is what distinguishes the cuisine of Italy from all the imitations. At Fernandos Italian, we are the pioneers in combining all Italian aspects and administering the impeccable and irresistible Italian cuisine as we know and love in today’s era in our leading Italian restaurant function room Sydney.

Experience plays a pivotal role in offering guests with state of the art service and food. We have honed our skills over the years and continuously grow and adapt to new flavour trends. This stabilises our reputation and propels us as the utmost finest Italian restaurant in Sydney. Our function rooms house anywhere from 2 people all the way to 120 and we also provide a scenery to suit your aspirations and desires. When the phrase “Italian restaurant function room Sydney” is mentioned, your mind should pinpoint to the immaculate restaurant, Fernandos Italian.

Our diversity and versatility is what stabilises our professionalism. We can cater for birthdays, weddings and the majority of special occasions. Ultimately, we are a family run, authentic Italian restaurant and we take honourable pride in our Italian culture and we are lucky enough to inherit Nonna’s recipes and of course her passion and love for food. So, if you are on the lookout for the best restaurant in Leichhardt that will astonish and galvanise your palette, seek no further and contact us today!


Italian restaurant function room Sydney


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